Tar-Ban Filters - Both "Standard" size & "Roll-Up" size.
Reduce your intake of tar, nicotine and other
harmful substances you inhale.

• No change to the flavour or taste of your cigarette or roll-up
• When the coloured area of filter is completely black, use a new filter
• Each Tar-Ban filter lasts for between 5 - 10 cigarettes or roll-ups

Tar-Ban Smoke Free Cigarette
Free of Tar & Free of Nicotine
Just the flavour of Tobacco & Menthol to last up to a month
Give Up
Cut Down "Smoke" Anywhere
Do not light the Tar-Ban Smoke Free Cigarette
Just inhale & enjoy
Safe to use with all nicotine products

Keep away from children


smokeless cigarette

"The wife reckons that she doesn't
breathe in as much of my smoke now I use
these Tar-Ban Filters. Can she be right?"
(Yes) Mr J. Manchester

"I've noticed my cough isn't half as bad
since I started using Tar-Ban Filters.
The next best thing to giving up smoking." Mrs P. Leeds


For further information contact us at info@tar-ban.com

Tar-Ban is available from:
Poundworld www.poundworld.net

Poundland www.poundland.co.uk
99p Stores www.99pstoresltd.com

Tar-Ban is made in the E.U. | Tar-Ban • Derby • UK